Environmental Benefit Analysis of China’s Green Finance in Waste Recycling


Qing Miao

Author affiliation

School of Economics and Management, Zhongyuan University of Technology, Zhengzhou 450007, China.


The rapid development of economy not only brings people the enjoyment of high-quality material civilization, but also brings a lot of negative effects. Governments and organizations are actively looking for new models of economic and social sustainability to compensate for the damage done to the natural world by people’s wanton demands. This paper focuses on green finance and environmental benefits, which are closely related to the environment. In order to meet the demand for money waste recycling development, need to form a support recycling and rapid development of modern green financial system and improve the green financial policies to guide mechanism and encourage financial product innovation, enhance the level of green financial services, provide continuing financial support for waste recycling industry, increase related security mechanism.


Green finance; Waste recycling; Environmental benefits