Study of characteristic parameters for Channel and Gate Engineered Double Gate MOSFET considering Gaussian doping and Inner Fringing Capacitance


Akashdeep Mazumder, Saim Aktar, Anamika Kumari, Aaswas Ganguly, Swapnadip De*

Author affiliation

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, Nazirabad, Uchhepota, Kolkata-700150


An analytical expression of subthreshold Surface Potential, Drain Current and Threshold Voltage is formulated for Double Halo Dual Material Double Gate(DHDMDG) MOSFET taking into account Inner Fringing Capacitances at the Source and Drain end. The doping profile concentration considered for the halo regions at the source and the drain end is Gaussian in nature. The results of Ten from the proposed model are compared with those from the models of Channel Engineered conventional MOSFET structure. It is found that DHDMDG structure suppresses short channel effects more effectively as compared to conventional MOSFETs. Very good agreement of the proposed result obtained from the models of DHDMDG with those from DESSIS validates the model in suppressing short channel effects.


Gaussian Doping; Inner Fringing Capacitance; Channel Engineering; gate Engineering; Double Gate MOSFET