Design Optimization Based on Analytical and Data Interpretation Synergy Technique of Rib Roller Contact in Tapered Roller Bearing


Saurabh Kumar*, Nitin Goel, ShivDutt Sharma, Avinash Sharma

Author affiliation

Research and Development Department & National Engineering Industries Limited
(NBC Bearings)
CK Birla Group of Companies, Jaipur, India


The present paper deals with design optimization of rib roller contact in tapered Roller Bearing. The analytical formulation in synergy with data interpretation approach has been used to study and resolve the optimum rib roller contact. To be more precise in present analysis, the three different tapered roller bearings have been used. The obtained results suggest the efficient point of contact for all the sizes by varying the spherical head radius of roller. Also it has been found that the percentage of range available for spherical head radius is more bearing having high outer diameter as well as cup angle.


Design optimization; Rib Roller Contact; Tapered Roller Bearing.