Supply Chain Decision-Making of Cross-Border E-Commerce Platforms


Qin Lv

Author affiliation

Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China.


Consumers in China now enter the cross-border import retail e-commerce stage, however, the supply chain has always been an important factor in restricting its development. Different from the traditional retail e-commerce, the supply chain decision-making model of cross-border e-commerce platforms is unique. As an emerging field, cross-border import retail e-commerce platform supply chain aroused the interest of many scholars, the research in this area has initially achieved some results. Based on the existing researches and the background of the cross-border import retail e-commerce platform, We put forward that supply chain decision-making as object to investigate platform revenue management and competition and coordination between platform providers and online retailers by depicting the impact of the typical behavior characteristics of platform participants on e-commerce platform supply chain decision-making and its mechanism is worth to be studied.


Platform-based retailing; Supply chain decision-making; cross-border e-commerce platform