Dependence of Peak Tunneling Current Density on Structural Parameters in Rectangular DQW Device


Shuvodseep Saha, Aparupa Chakrabarty, Arpan Deyasi

Author affiliation

 RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata, India 700015


Peak of tunneling current density of double quantum well device is analytically computed for different structural parameters, material composition and applied bias. Energy propagation is considered along the direction of applied bias, and travelling wave is measured w.r.t input wave at each grid point inside the structure. Rectangular well geometry is considered for ease of simulation. Effective mass mismatch at hetero-interfaces are taken into account by considering BenDaniel Duke boundary condition. High peak value at specific conditions will help to work the device for resonant tunneling application, precisely for the fabrication of RTD and RTT.


Tunnelling current density; peak current; structural parameters; double quantum well; applied bias