Design and Development of Dual Mode Remote Control System for Controlling Electrical Switches


Subhasis Ghosh, Dr. Sudip Dogra, Kamalendu Langal, Anirban Chatterjee

Author affiliation

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, Kolkata, India


This work demonstrates a smart home appliance system. The system has two modes of operation IR mode and Bluetooth mode. For the IR mode, RC5 remote protocol is used where any remote key can be configured for switching on or off the appliances as per the user choices. As IR mode has a limited range of almost 10 meter, the Bluetooth mode with a range up to 50 meter is introduced. In Bluetooth mode, the system is connected through DTMF app of mobile which enables the user to control the load appliances by their mobile. The system developed by us is cost effective and easy to install and operate. Our paper is organized as follows: Section 2 gives details of hardware that we used. The system developed is explained in section 3. Implementation of the system is described in section 4. Different applications of the system are mentioned in section 5. We concluded in section 6. Keywords: Bluetooth; RC5 protocol; DTMF; Solid State Relay.


Bluetooth; RC5 protocol; DTMF; Solid State Relay