Design and Development of Online Environment Monitoring System


Subhadeep Sen, Swarnil Roy, Kamalendu Langal, Dr. Sudip Dogra

Author affiliation

Assistant Professor, 700084, India


Environment is a very important factor in almost every field starting from human survival to any working field. In this work, we are introducing a system which can be used to monitor environmental details. This system is based on Internet of Things (IoT) which makes it a location independent system and can be accessed from any part of the world via internet. This proposed system can give the details of temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude and presence of flammable gas in a particular location. Not only that, it can be further modified according to the needs of environmental details. As this system can be controlled from internet, one can remotely monitor the sensor details and if the values cross a threshold limit, necessary actions can be taken immediately.


Arduino UNO R3; ethernet shield; DHT11; MQ-6; BMP180