The Problems and Suggestions of Secondary Financial Management in Chinese Universities


He Xin, Wenbin Zhang, Yingying Yan

Author affiliation

Jilin College of the Arts, Changchun 130021, China;
Beijing Technology and Business University,Beijing 100048, China


With the deepening of the reform of education system in China, universities have become independent legal persons of self-restraint and self-development. The flexible and diverse ways of running schools make diversification of funding sources, while reducing the financial burden of the state, has also formed a complicated situation in the financial management of colleges and universities. Especially, the university financial affairs exposed a lot of problems in the process of decentralization to the two level hospitals and departments, which restricted the healthy development of colleges and universities. In this paper, the problems and shortcomings in the secondary financial management of colleges and universities have been seriously considered and summarized, and suggestions have been put forward to provide a reference for the healthy and orderly development of the financial management of the secondary departments.


colleges and universities, secondary financial management, budget mechanism.