Low Cost Energy Efficient Remotely Controlled Smart Home Security System


Soumya Das, Sovik Nag, Souvik Pyne, Dipanjan Singha Swarnil Roy

Author affiliation

1Students of Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering of Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology Kolkata, 700150 , India 
2Assistant ProfessorDept. of Electronics & communication Engineering of MeghnadSaha Institute of TechnologyKolkata, 700150, India


The paper aims to develop a low cost, energy efficient smart home by integrating technologies like RFID, IR sensing, clap switches, GSM and DTMF to remotely control the electrical appliances. This paper also aims to provide security to the user by identifying unexpected access to the room and alerting the home’s occupants. With this system, owner of the house can remotely track and control the status of electrical appliances using GSM module when he is out of the home. Clap control system is there to control appliances just using clap when someone is inside the room. We have used two IR sensors to detect whether any person is present in the room or not, thus adding extra security to the system at very low cost. Apart from all the necessary power supplies required for operation of the whole system, we have used an extra 9 volt battery which will be used during power failure.


Smart home; low cost; energy efficient; remotely control; security