Design and Development of Online Health Assistance System


Subhadeep Sen, Saheli Chatterjee, Kamalendu Langal, Dr. Sudip Dogra

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The Health is one of the major important factors of human life. Often it happens that we don’t get an appointment of doctor. It is very difficult to take elderly people or very sick person to doctor’s place. We may require the consultation of a expert doctor from any part of the world. In this work we have developed a system that will help one to connect with the doctor very easily. Not only that, this system has the ability to measure the necessary vitals that are required for primary diagnostics. The basic prototype developed by us has the capability to measure heart rate and body temperature and display that information to the web page of one’s consultant doctor. By observing the primary vitals the doctor will be able to suggest what should the patient do or what medicine should the patient take. The system has also the facility for conversation with the doctor. It can be further be extended according to needs of measurement and for live video conference with the doctor.


Arduino UNO R3; ethernet shield; DS18B20; KG011