2-D Analytical Modeling of Dual-Material Double Gate Silicon-On-Nothing MOSFET


Pritha Banerjee, Aman Mahajan, Subir Kumar Sarkar

Author affiliation

Department of Electronics &Telecommunication Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700032, India


This paper presents a 2-D analytical model of Dual-Material Double Gate Silicon-On-Nothing (DMDG SON) MOSFET. In order to obtain the surface potential variation of the device, 2-D Poisson’s equation with proper boundary conditions is solved. Electric field and threshold voltage are calculated for the device and the various short channel effects like DIBL, threshold voltage roll-off, hot carrier effect are examined. The close agreement between the calculated and simulated values obtained from a 2-D device simulator namely ATLAS validate the proposed model.


Short channel effects; DIBL; threshold voltage roll-off; hot carrier effect; SOI/SON MOSFET