The Influence of the Intrinsic Motivation of the New Generation Employees on Turnover Intention: A Regulatory Agency Model Test


Yabo Li, Yufeng Shi

Author affiliation

College of business administration, Hunan University, Changsha 410082, China


The high staff turnover rate of new generation is the focus of every practice departments, this paper based on self-determination theory and motivation theory, from the work investment point of view, explore the impact of new generation employees’ intrinsic motivation on turnover intention, and test the regulatory role of the workplace rejection between job involvement and the new generation employees turnover tendency.Taking 434 new generation employees of 17 enterprises in China as the research object, to verify the research hypothesis. The results showed that:New generation employees’ intrinsic motivation has negative influence on the turnover tendency; job involvement plays an intermediary role between intrinsic motivation in the new generation employees and their turnover tendency; workplace rejection between job involvement and the new generation of employees tend to leave the relationship acts as a significant moderator, the higher degree rejection of the workplace is,the negative effect of job involvement on the new generation of employees’ turnover intention is weaker.


New generation employees; intrinsic motivation; job involvement; workplace rejection; turnover intention