A System for 360 Video Surveillance with Multiple Remote Control Access


Arnali Saha

Author affiliation

Techno India College of Technology, 700 055, India


The idea of this project is to provide enhanced security measures to a specific perimeter to prevent any kind of unauthorized intrusion or tampering. The module consists of a computer terminal and an IP (Internet Protocol) based camera that communicates with the user’s system to transmit/receive live data to/from the User. The system makes use of a third party app called the Skype for live video streaming purpose. The camera can be manually controlled by the user at anytime from anywhere in the world as long as he has internet facility available. The proposed system can detect motion and provide a warning in case of suspicious movements in restricted zones. Once an intrusion is detected, it sends an alert through the GSM module to the User and also to the nearby Police Headquarters as a security measure. These systems have applications in different sections like monitoring of bank vaults, safes or any kind of restricted perimeter. Keywords: Surveillance; security; real time monitoring; remote access; skype.


Surveillance; security; real time monitoring; remote access; skype