Bapita Roy1, Paramita Banerjee1, Subham Debnath1, Satarupa Chakraborty1, Anirban Chakraborty1

Author Affiliation:
1Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Kolkata-700114, India

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The need to conserve natural resources and energy has always been at their hike. With the growing population and their growing needs, the demand for these resources has increased which has eventually increased need to conserve them. With the growing technologies under the various engineering disciplines, regular practice for the development of these technologies is taking place. This project is such an example of the development, which will contribute to the conservation of water and energy and prove to be effective for the future generations. This instrument is designed to sense the water level in a tank using a potentiometric level sensor, measure, display and hence, control the water level, which contributes to the conservation of water and energy respectively.

Potentiometric level sensor; level measurement; arduino