Analytical Modeling of Junction-Less Surrounding Gate MOSFET Based Biosensor


Kakali Sarkar, Angsuman Sarkar

Author affiliation

ECE Department, Kalyani Govt. Engineering. College, Kalyani, West Bengal, India


In this paper, an analytical model of threshold voltage of a junction less surrounding gate MOSFET (JLSRG MOSFET) transistor based biosensor for application in label-free detection of bio-molecules have been presented. Numerous reports exist on the experimental demonstration of nanogap-embedded FET-based bio-sensors, these devices are having low sensitivity. Now in order to increase the sensitivity of the biosensors the concept of a junction-less surrounding gate based biosensor is presented in this letter. The expression of threshold voltage and the surface potentials for different regions of the device have been calculated and Matlab code has been developed for simulation of the analytical model.


surrounding gate MOSFET; surface potential; analytical model threshold voltage