A Smart and Green Charging Station Using the Buck Converters for the Electrical Vehicle (EV)


Abhishek Kumar Sinha, Tasinul Hoque, Dipankar Sau, Tapas Halder

Author affiliation

Kalyani Government Engineering College Electrical Engineering Department, Kalyani, West Bengal, PIN-741235, India


The paper presents on the green and smart charging station for the electrical vehicle to meet up the energy crisis and free from environmental contaminations as cost effective solution of the energy market and commercial success. The backup storage system of the electric vehicles improve demand response curves with a quickest smart charging station during the off peak hour load of the power system by virtue of which battery storage system hurls to manage power demand during the peak hour load of the power grid. The smart quick charging stations reduces the major drawbacks in terms of the charging phenomena of storages batteries because it takes huge time to recharge the backup system contributing the abnormal power loss , hazardous fume and gas emission. So the method of the charging system plays an important role to strengthen the battery life. Due to the revolution of the P-MOSFET and fabrication technology, the constant voltage and current charging method are invited both for the Buck SMPS based quickly and smart charging stations as effective solutions.


P-MOSFET technology; smart & green charging; faster operation; robust reliability