Investigation of the performance of Strained Ballistic Nanowire Tunnel FET


Anup Dey

Author affiliation

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, Jalpaiguri, India


We have investigated the physics of ballistic nanowire tunneling Field Eeffect Transistor (TFET) under arbitary stress to provide an accurate physical picture. TheI-V characteristic of the strained TFET (sTFET) is shown and the mechanism of the device operation was discussed. The anisotropic band structure of bulk state under strain is first computed and then applied to two-dimensional cofinement in nanowire. The strain alters the carrires statistics in the in-plane and perpendicular directions besides changing the effective mass tensors. This eventually increases the interband transition probability causing higher ON-state current relative to the unstrained materials. Different possible methodologies to reduce OFF-current are also indicated. Finally, our physical models were verified against the previously reported experimental results.


Tunnel FET; strain; VLSI; device technology