Effect of Electron-Electron Scattering on Spontaneous Emission for Bulk Semiconductor and Light Emitting Diode


Arundhati Mukherjee, Arpan Deyasi, Bhaswati Das

Author affiliation

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata, India

Effect of carrier-carrier scattering on spontaneous emission of bulk semiconductor and light emitting diode are analytically calculated, and results are compared with the ideal (no scattering) case. Carrier concentration, mean life-time, relaxation time and temperature are varied to observe the effect on spontaneous emission, and peak of the emission is also computed. Additionally for bulk semiconductor, peak of the optical gain and total emission rate are also computed using the Lorentzian broadening function with carrier concentration in presence and absence of scattering effect. Occurrence of optical transparency is studied incorporating the concept of chemical potential, which ensures the existence of thermodynamic equilibrium. Emission is measured with input energy, which is normalized with the bandgap scale of the semiconducting material. Results are important for design of GaAs LED.


Spontaneous emission; scattering; lorentzian broadening; temperature; carrier concentration; optical gain