Field Induced Tuning of DOS and Eigenstates in Double Quantum Well Structure having Gaussian Geometry


Debasmita Sarkar, Arpan Deyasi

Author affiliation

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata, India


Density of states and eigenstates of double quantum well structure is numerically computed in presence of electric field using propagation matrix method. Gaussian geometry is considered as profile of potential due to its closest resemblance with ideal parabolic potential. Time-independent Schrodinger’s equation is solved with Ben-Daniel Duke boundary conditions at hetero-interfaces, and Kane-type band nonparabolicity of first order is considered. Electric field is applied along the direction of quantum confinement, and structural parameters are varied to observe the effect. Overestimated parabolic assumption shows that eigenenergy value increases compared to the value obtained for realistic band structure, which is inaccurate as far as resonant tunneling phenomenon is concerned. Result has significant importance in design of resonant devices using the structure.


Gaussian geometry; double quantum well; electric field; density of states; eigenenergy; structural parameters; band nonparabolicity