Investigation of the Effects of Geometrical Parameters on Sensitivity of Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer


Keya Sanyal, Kalyan Biswas

Author affiliation

ECE Department, MCKV Institute of Engineering, Liluah, Howrah, WB, India


MEMS technology is rapidly taking an important role in todays and future sensor systems. MEMS are able to lower the device size from millimeter to micrometer and maintain and sometimes surpass the performance of conventional devices. In this paper design of a two-axis capacitive accelerometer is described. A finite element analysis method is used to perform the simulation of the Accelerometer under various operating conditions and to determine the optimum configuration. Variation of capacitance of the device with applied acceleration as well as sensitivity of the device is analyzed. From the analysis results, a capacitive MEMS accelerometer with enhanced sensitivity has been proposed. The sensitivity of the accelerometer has efficiently been enhanced. The effects of geometrical parameters of the Accelerometer were analyzed.


MEMS; capacitive accelerometer; sensitivity; finite element analysis