Location and Strengthening of Cellular Network Sites in order to Maximize the Net Revenue and Coverage Space in Critical Situation


Ali Tajdin, Nafiseh Alinezhad, Nikbakhsh Javadian

Author affiliation

Ali Tajdin, Nikbakhsh Javadian, Department of Industrial Engineering, Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Babol, Iran 
Nafiseh Alinezhad, Department of Industrial Engineering, Pardisan University, Fereidonkenar, Iran


Mobile phone sites location and coverage in critical situation are one of the most important issues in set covering location. This paper discusses location and strengthening of cell phone sites so as to maximize service coverage and maximize the net revenue generated by each customer for each sites by considering emergency coverage. In addition, the proposed method provides efficient solution as compared to customary method. The model is applied to region in Iran; this numerical experiment demonstrates the significance and applicability of the proposed method as well as customary method.


Strengthen; cell – phone sites; critical situation; coverage