Space Weather as a Mechanism of the Motion of Functionability through Life of Industrial Systems


Jezdimir Knzevic, Ljubisa Papic

Author affiliation

Jezdimir Knzevic, MIRCE Akademy, Woodbury Park, Exeter, EX5 1JJ, United Kingdom
Ljubisa Papic, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Svetog Save Str. 65, 32000 Cacak, Serbia; DQM Research Center, P.O. Box 132, 32102 Cacak, Serbia


The main objective of this paper is to draw attention to the scientific approach to reliability and safety of industrial systems, promoted by Mirce Mechanics, which is the way forward for the accurate predictions to be made by design engineers regarding the motion of functionability through their in-service lives. For that to happen scientific understanding of the mechanisms that cause occurrences of negative functionability events of the industrial systems by surrounding natural environment are required. Then and only then, accurate and meaningful reliability and safety predictions become possible, which will ultimately lead to their reduction during the life of industrial systems. This paper focuses on the scientific understandings of the space weather phenomena as mechanisms of the motion of functionability through the life of systems like power networks, aviation, satellite services, pipelines, digital control systems and similar.


Space weather phenomena; mirce mechanics; functionability of industrial systems; reliability and safety prediction