Lanndon Ocampo

Author Affiliation:
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of San Carlos, Cebu City,
6000 Cebu, Philippines

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The current mode of production and consumption in the context of technological development has brought devastating effects on the environment and its ecosystems. As various issues on sustainable development were raised, several discourses in literature emerge which provide conceptual and philosophical approaches on the notion of sustainable development. This paper presents a philosophical framework on technology and its links to the current views of sustainable development. It highlights that the current view of sustainability supports the development of technology as substitute capital of natural resources for generations to come. This stimulates philosophical questions regarding our view of technology and natural resource. It is maintained that fundamental change is prescribed on two significant areas: our behavior towards technology and our perspectives on sustainable development. The contribution of this work lies in providing an approach that promotes sustainable development by way of changing our perspectives on the development of technology and its use.

Technology; sustainable development; philosophical framework