Development of Green Supply Chain for Plastic Films Manufacturing Industries in India: Ranking of Challenges using Analytic Hierarchy Process


Chandrahas D. Golghate, Maruti S. Pawar

Author affiliation

Chandrahas D. Golghate, Mechanical Engineering, Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, India
Maruti S. Pawar, Mechanical Engineering, Brahmadevdada Mane Institute of Technology, Solapur, India


Green supply chain shall reduce environmental burdens of plastic films. However, literatures do not report plastic film green supply chain developmental efforts. Authors have identified and confirmed (in a separate study) challenges using literature data whilst developing green supply chain for plastic films. This paper ranked these identified and classified challenges using “analytic hierarchy process”. This study developed comparison matrices for challenges using calculated challenge strength. The research calculated challenge strengths using Equation (1). Authors used five point “comparison scale” to develop comparison matrices for criteria and sub-criteria. The present research validated data for internal consistency and goodness of fit using chi-square tests. To validate deduced challenge priorities, authors calculated consistency index. The study refers data sources from 1990 to 2010. Development of solutions for the green supply chain for plastic films is the future work.


Analytic hierarchy process; ranking of challenges; challenge strengths; green supply chain; plastic films