m-Governance: Next Frontier in Governance from Indian Context


Vaishali Pardeshi

Author affiliation

Institute of Management, Mumbai Education Trust, Bandra, Mumbai, India


The paper defines m-government, its relation with e-governance and the major motivations involved in the deployment of m-governance. Importance of m-government in developing country having large section of young population is studies along with the potential, uses and limitations of m-government. The paper then presents the major technical and non-technical barriers involved in the implementation of m-governance. The technological alternatives at channel, back-end systems and devices are also elaborated. The paper presents a generic management framework which can serve as a guide for the government agencies, in managing the adoption of wireless and mobile technologies, for the effective implementation of m-government. To tap the vast unrealized potential in India of m-governance paper draws a 7-point call for action plan.


ICT; e-Governance; m-Governance; management framework; delivery models