High Water Cut Period Oilfield Fine Water Flooding Development Countermeasures


Wenchi Qu, Xinfa Li, Shenming Wang

Author affiliation

Petroleum engineering institute of Northeast petroleum university, Daqing, China


The current oil field production decline rate is high and stable yield face a serious challenge. Oil fields in recent years do a lot of work in technology and management. Especially ,under the premise of zonal injection gradually expand the scale of adjustment section. But still did not change the trend of water cut rise speed and natural decline rate high fundamentally. Improving the oil recovery have also been restricted. For achieving the goal of production don’t decline in high water cut development stage, Need on the basis of geological survey, detailed understanding, further analysis the factors of influencing the water flooding recovery. Formulate reasonable technical countermeasures to improve water drive recovery factor. In this paper, through the fine geologic description, find out the key factors affecting water drive recovery factor, provide a certain basis for oilfield sustainable development.


high water cut; water flooding; decreasing; sand body; heterogeneity