The Influential Factors and Development Potential of Chinese Aquatic Products Export: Study on an Expansible Trade Gravity Model


LIU Chun-xiang


As we all know that China is one of the biggest countries to export a lot of aquatic products. What factors have influenced its expert of aquatic products and what is the potential? In order to explain this problem, this article has analyzed the current status of Chinese aquatic products export. And then, an expansible trade gravity model is built up. By using the panel data and making use of Eviews 7.0, this article then analyzed the multiple linear regressions of the top 40 countries1 which have the big trading amount of aquatic products with China from year 1992 till 2010. The basic conclusion drawn is that Chinese fishery product, GDP of importing partners, the per capita income difference, Chinese population of importing partners and APEC are the main positive factors while trade distance is the dominated negative factor. From the empirical study, we also know that China has exported too much aquatic products to those 15 countries such as Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, and Mexico. Therefore, these countries are undoubtedly recession markets to China. Those exporting markets of Philippines, Vietnam, Germany, Australia and the other 6 countries are already full enough. But there is still much room for Chinese aquatic products to such countries as Singapore, Russia, France and Algeria.


Influential factors; Expansible trade gravity model; Multiple regression analysis; Aquatic products