Guo Huiyao

Author Affiliation:
School of Art and Design of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry

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Innovative design is fundamental for enhancement of market vitality and sustainable development of industrial economy. Its social role and influence has become an important factor in optimizing human mode of living, improving quality of life and promoting the progress of civilization. As the angles of innovative design constantly change with the development of contemporary social, economic, scientific, technological, environmental and cultural conditions, it is necessary to re-examine during the research and development stage the relationship between innovative design and human lifestyle from the perspectives of the ontological value, influecing field and influencing forms of innovative design. Discussions on contemporary views on the ontological value, artistic standing and design dimensionality of innovative design are aimed for direct effective role of innovative design in socio-economic life, lifestyle and living environment, thus providing preference and advice for adjusting value orientations of innovative design of contemporary product to reasonable angel.

design, art, innovation, industrial economy, sustainable development