A Novel Design for HEMS consisting of Sensor Network Nodes with Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transmission


Takashi Yoshikawa, Ikuo Awai


The HEMS is expected as one of the promising technologies to satisfy the demand for energy saving. Though it is understood useful and really used on some situations, it has not prevailed well into the public. The reason is considered to be the high initial cost of the equipment, low mobility of the system and regrettable unconcern for saving energy. In order to change the present situation, we have proposed to introduce a sensor network system into HEMS. The distributed sensors are easy to change their location and number as we like. Moreover, we have proposed to employ the energy harvesting and power transfer technology. This architecture will provide the basis for the system operation with no power supply and no maintenance. In this paper we will study the grand design for the sensor network HEMS mentioned above. As a result, we’ve concluded the sensor network node can continue to work with energy harvesting and wireless power supply. Still we’ve clarified the fact that our method of wireless power transmission could transmit power by more than 1m. These results would provide great progress for future HEMS.


HEMS, Sensor Network, Energy Harvesting, Wireless Power Transmission