Kumar Krishen

Author Affiliation:
NASA Johnson Space Center2102 NASA ParkwayHouston, TX 77058

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Several nations across the globe are actively pursuing the exploration of space through space observatories, robotic systems, and humans. These efforts are enabled by the development of needed transformative technologies and methodologies. The complexity of these efforts is underscored by the need to use planetary resources and reuse resources taken from Earth to ensure the safety and cost effectiveness of future exploration missions. With revolutionary logistics methodologies, these efforts will enable sustainable and affordable space exploration. The importance of new technologies for energizing the economic engines of many nations is making it essential to transfer space technologies to the commercial sector. The U.S., through NASA, has implemented programs to transfer patented technologies to the commercial sector for marketplace products and services. In this presentation, examples of several space technologies that have been successfully transferred to the commercial sector are detailed. This multi-use of technologies results not only in addressing unique market needs, but also results in new products that can disruptively influence older technologies and methodologies. Technology transfer areas include health/medical, communication, environment monitoring, sustainability, national security, Earth phenomena sensing, home/office, and recreation. Some of these will be discussed in this paper. A brief mention will also be included on the process of technology transfer.

Space exploration, Space missions, Logistics, Computer simulations, Innovative, Technology needs, Safety, Cost effective, Technology transfer process, Markets, Government sector, Commercial sector.