Advances in Engineering and Management is an international multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal reporting research on the operations research, production management, project management, logistics and supply chain, quality management, modeling and simulation, human reliability analysis, man-machine-environment system, and application of a very wide range of management science and engineering technology.

  • Logistics and Supply Chain: transport economics, empirical studies of management practices and performance,logistics and operations models, especially with application, logistics and supply-chain management topics
  • Production Planning: product life cycle, material flow cycle, planning tools and application, operation system and management.
  • Expert System: design, development, testing, implementation, and/or management of expert and intelligent systems, intelligent systems technology and application, multi-agent systems, knowledge management, neural networks, knowledge discovery.
  • Human Reliability Analysis: codes, standards and safety criteria; operator decision support systems; software reliability; methods and applications of automatic fault detection and diagnosis; dynamic reliability; design and evaluation of man machine systems and human interfaces; accident investigation and management.
  • Management Science: project management, new management science, management theory and application, information science and application, management modeling, human resources management.
  • Other Topics: Quality management, MIS, Project management.

Peer Review Policy
All peer review is single blind and submission is online via Editorial Manager.

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