Pages 256-267
Year 2024
Issue 3
Volume 13


Author(s):Abiodun Akinoso, Stephen Eloghosa Osawaru, Ejuma Martha Adaga, Adekunle Abiola Abdul, Andrew Ifesinachi Daraojimba

Doi: 10.7508/aiem.03.2024.256.267

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY 4.0, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited


The abstract for “Building Resilient Tech Workforces: HR’s Role in Adapting to Rapid Technological Changes” presents a comprehensive review of existing literature and industry practices highlighting the crucial role of Human Resources (HR) in building resilient workforces within the technology sector. This paper systematically examines how HR strategies and practices are evolving to address the challenges and opportunities presented by rapid technological advancements and market disruptions. The review paper synthesizes a wide range of sources, including academic research, industry reports, case studies, and expert opinions, to provide a holistic understanding of the current state and future trends in HR management within tech companies. The focus is on identifying effective HR practices that enhance workforce adaptability and resilience in the face of technological change. Key findings from the review reveal that successful HR strategies in the tech sector are characterized by agile workforce planning, continuous learning and skill development, and a strong emphasis on fostering a culture of innovation and psychological safety. The paper highlights the importance of embracing digital transformation in HR processes, developing leadership that can navigate change, and prioritizing employee well-being and engagement. The review underscores the pivotal role of HR in not only adapting to technological changes but also in driving organizational resilience and competitiveness in the tech sector. It suggests that HR leaders must continuously evolve their strategies to keep pace with technological advancements, focusing on building a workforce that is agile, skilled, and prepared for future challenges. This paper contributes significant insights for HR practitioners, organizational leaders, and policymakers seeking to understand and implement effective workforce strategies in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Human Resource (HR) Strategies, Technology Industry, Industry 4.0, Talent Management, HR Technology, Remote Work, Continuous Improvement, Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR.